If you’ve been looking for a place to appreciate Creative Writing, that is the intent of Your Heart Says. This is where we investigate and share what our Heart of Hearts might tell us in the form of our inspired written efforts.

Inspiration is all around us, running through us, and available to all of us if we allow ourselves to pay attention. If you pick up a pen to capture on paper the emotion of what is hounding you to purge your Heart and Soul, then you need to write.

My desire to write songs has been a beautiful romance, in word married with music, that never ends.  Finding out that deep within my own Heart of Hearts the purpose, power, and sheer fun of writing songs to share with others has been a life-changing exploration.   

Mindfully staying in touch with my own Heart of Hearts allows me to sort through the thoughts I’ve noticed springing from strong emotions.  The thoughts I can’t quit thinking about are the ones that stay with me. They keep insisting I write them down and give them a tangible form on paper to incubate and evolve. While I used to write songs to make a living, now I do it just to see where they will go and take me. If they turn into a musical phrase that pushes me to finish and polish them, there’s a good chance one day they will be heard.

Our ability to dance with our personal, unique expressions in written word —whether it be Songs or Story, Prose or Poetry — opens a door to More.  I’ve found that there is always more to be excited about, more to explore, more to watch unfold, and more to understand about ourselves at a deeper level because we have said Yes to the strong urge to write down an idea that has compelled us.

Admittedly I am a person who encourages anyone who is hearing The Call to create in broader strokes than they ever have before.  No matter what your chosen medium, Do What Your Heart Says.  I say this because I believe that in the consistent practice of creativity, our brightest and best work is born.

If you have the urge to write, seize the moment whenever you can.  Take note of those inspired thoughts nudging you to make them important enough to take to paper.  Make a date with yourself to contemplate and experiment with the notions swimming in your imagination. Going to the next step of writing your personal thoughts on paper opens the door and invites more to pour forth. Who knows, you may just step into a vivid playground of phrasal companions so unique and interesting that they happily introduce you to a part of yourself you’d be happy you took the time meet.

What is it that Your Heart Says really? Whatever your passion on the beautiful side of your creativity might be, check in with us and see what we enjoy if you like. You’ll see people on this blog, other than me, expressing themselves through different types of writing. At YOUR HEART SAYS you may even discover the writing morphing into other mediums. 

This Blog is an experiment that is constantly evolving and is intended to be a positive experience for you and us.  If you decide you would like to Contact us about what you are Doing with your writing, please type in the subject line,  “I like to write ______ (fill in the blank).  Or if you want to let us know if something touches your Heart, we’d like to hear that too.

Much Happiness and Satisfaction to each of you celebrating the wonder of  Individual and Co-Creativity.

All the best!