AND LIFE GOES ON…from Tragedy to Comedy

Can it be nearly four years since these jottings first were conceived? In a New Year’s review I find myself looking back in amazement at how God takes life tragedies and often births comedies after the fact. This certainly is the case with the birth of Rooster, the fourth grandchild, whose arrival was momentous, to say the least, and from whose arrival these jottings came.

Daughter is a fabulous mother! She has this gift of being strong yet fun, and it is obvious in her beautiful children. She and Son-in-Love again honored me at Rooster’s birth by including me in the room for the arrival. All was well until she looked at me with no color in her sweet face and weakly said, “Mom, I don’t feel right.” Pronto the room was filled with nurses and her doctor, while I was expelled to the back hall once they confirmed I was her mother. They literally whisked her into the operating room, Son-in-Love suited up, and I collapsed into ManOfMine’s arms in prayer. Interestingly enough, ManOfMine had been on the road to New Orleans for meetings but had felt it more important to meet his second grandson, only to have arrived when most needed.

Again, God intervened in Daughter’s life, although the term placenta abruption still makes my stomach get the queezies! While the skilled doctor was heaven-sent, even she needed a big hug after telling us they had made it through an emergency C-section but Daughter still was not safe from having lost so much blood. This happened after I told her Daughter was in God’s hands, as I had surrendered her to Him years ago. Interestingly enough, Daughter and ManofMine chose this doctor because of her distinct credentials, only to later discover she was from my Doctor Brother’s hometown and that he had influenced her medical school choices. Again, all loose ends seem so perfectly tied together in review! The most astonishing memory of the whole event was how prayerful both doctors and staff were! In a time when prayer is divorced from public places, the comfort of these actions there still blesses.

Fast forward eight weeks after Rooster’s dramatic arrival and both his and Daughter’s recovery…………Daughter and I are approaching the interstate in one of those cloverleaf loops, and she says, “Mama, hand me some of those McDonald’s napkins. My milk just dropped, and I forgot a pad.” Bingo! Tragedy becomes comedy in an instant, and I began to ponder how many of life’s turns happen between Moms, Kids, Cars, and Such. Thus the writings of a mother/grandmother/wife/daughter/sister/friend began; as I continue the drive along this journey with God, family, and friends. Heck, the first three letters of my name are C,A,R! I suppose Daddy really knew I would need those letters when he gave the name.

Today I am happy to say little Rooster is the sweetest three-year-old who brings great joy to us all as he rides his bike Green, plays constantly with Thomas trains, and is the best Super Hero Spider Man anyone could hope to find. His joie de vie is contagious, so much so that even the little school teachers bring him to my car with hugs and kisses as we depart to “Mimi’s house” or home. His forming words of “Dare it is!’ ‘Wuv you, Mimi,’ ‘ Dares a bad guy!’, and ‘Hey, Pop” charm us daily. Tragedy to comedy, by God’s Grace, works every time in this house.

Dearest readers, if by chance you have enjoyed this little offering, perhaps you might like to read earlier pieces. They are all there in under my name Carolyne Howard. Enjoy! Until next time, should God say the same. I pray He does!

Rooster on a Scooter!

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  • Susan Guidry

    Written on February 7, 2019


    Very similar thing happened with my Rebecca!! After hemmorage and many pints of blood. , she recovered!! Her fabulous husband and I were in her hospital room with sweet Max crying and wondering how we could do this while Rebecca was in ICU!. We managed and all is well now! Baby Fitz was born last October and we are so thankful for God’s goodness!!!

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