Gassing up the car isn’t what it was years ago! In my lifetime I recall from earliest childhood memories nice men at the service station pumping and taking care of Mama’s car needs while she sat delicately inside looking at her nail polish.  Even this was a rare occasion, since Daddy nearly always handled car responsibilities. In “my day” growing up in the Mississippi Delta women were seldomly at the service station and NEVER at a liquor store. Now that I think of it, there were no liquor stores! Where did they get their bourbon? Hmmmmmmmmm.

Boy Howdy, have things changed!  Women are now empowered!  We can pump it ourselves!  We are women, watch us pump!  Did I hear a roar?

Today there is a huge chain grocery in a place where we lived before that discounts fuel according to the current month’s purchases. Buy more at their store and receive more discount on fuel at their gas pumps. The phrase “Enter at your own peril” comes to mind.  There is often great confusion at the pumps where people collapse upon each other for a discounted gallon or twenty. Circle the wagons and dive in is the order of the day, much the same as trying to drive in Italy.  Getting gas for discount Is very close to chaos, especially at month’s end since there is no carryover. There simply is no order in the discount gas lines!

Charity does not reign supreme with the clients of this establishment. One

prior attempt at filling my tank resulted in being cut off by a “gentleman” from Illinois. The nerve not to obey the rules! I felt very southern that day but uttered reluctantly a forgiveness prayer and tried to convince myself he was rushing to see his mother who was on her deathbed nearby. One beautifully dressed “lady” with fancy car, lovely nails, and sour face never made eye contact with me to see I had no intention of taking her place when our cars faced each other. If that aggressive attitude goes into the workplace with her, God help the public! Manners are dropped mostly at the discount gas lines, and please do not count on that long cherished thing called southern hospitality there! The police are present, I suppose, in case a riot breaks out over “Me Next” for ten cents off! The discount pump stations could surely use a “cometoJesus” meeting! Anybody know the phone number for T. D. Jakes or Franklin Graham? We could definitely use a deliverance ministry at the pumps!

Thanks for listening! I think I will just pay retail and prayer intercede for the other group! Maybe some things of the past were not so bad!

Blog by Carolyne Howard

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