Brent’s Alive Birthday

Brent’s Alive Birthday

As a young teen, one of the earliest memories of living in this city was to gather after the end of school in the overcrowded Brent’s Drugs at the soda counter or at one of several aqua vinyl-covered booths for after school chats and flirtations. “Everybody” was there! It was the scene at which to be seen! Hold that thought!

Fast forward to twenty years of marriage and two young children visiting grandparents Ganny and Big Daddy. Daughter and Hero Son made their own Brent memories and even wore the tee shirt while dining at the soda fountain counter eating grilled cheeses and fries with Cokes on the side! And Fish was behind the counter making things pop! Hold that thought!

Fast forward to the return here when Man of Mine retired (too young!) Now it was my turn to treat grandchildren to the Brent’s way of making memories. First, it was Miz Lou and I counter dining with her favorite orange soda/ice cream Dreamsicle. She was consoled there after school by the beautiful waitress with purple nails the day her nasty friend ratted her out to the teacher, and we prayed for Mama to show mercy. She learned on a stool at that counter at Brent’s that her brother Little Man was coming, and when we shouted it out the whole place broke into applause! We brought her second brother Rooster there to meet and be adopted by the magnificent Miss Shannon, whose smile and gold tooth with an “S” make you love her more. On Miz Lou’s eighth, she and I returned to hop a stool for a favorite before going to the country to feed chickens at Sista’s. Memory after happy family memory have been made at Brent’s! And those who work there are precious, beloved friends!

Through the decades, while many soda fountains disappeared, somehow the beloved Brent’s held on. We moved away, we came back, and there was Brent’s still standing when the rest of the world had so changed. No wonder its famous setting was used considerably in the movie THE HELP, and travelers are often seen taking pictures outside and dining within. It is a place of memories, and even though the drug store portion has been replaced by the total restaurant now with even a hideaway speakeasy in the back, its iconic venue holds hearts still.


No wonder that for Miz Lou’s tenth, we chose Brent’s and poodle skirts. Gather the girls from the South of Louisiana, send Man of Mine down there to escape an invasion of women, grab the Ganny at 90, other family and friends, dress Son-in-Love as Elvis, and let the tenth begin! It’s said, “Pictures are worth a thousand words.” Hope you enjoy ours! Thank you, Brent’s for making another “momskidscarssuch” memory with us! We can hardly wait for the next ones, Dreamsicles, aqua vinyl, and all! Hold that thought!

Until God says the same, dear readers!

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