Do We Ever Stop

Do we ever stop getting tears in our eyes when we stub a toe?

Do we ever stop missing our parents when they are dead? I read a quote once that said, “No matter how your parents treated you, you’ll miss them when they are gone.”  

Do we ever stop pining for our first true love?

Do we ever stop feeling so overwhelmed with joy sometimes it, too, drips out of our eyes?

Emotions are like children, often allowed to run wild and rampant and free. As long as no one gets hurt, all is well.

It is great to be happy, to keep a smile on our face, especially when there is so much going on that is out of our control. Have faith that it will work itself out. It usually does.

When you are sad, be sad. Sometimes overnight. Sometimes for days. Weeks can be dangerous. If it stretches into weeks, seek consolation in a friend, partner or therapist.

In the passing of friends, remember the good times.

In the debilitation of health, be grateful for what you can still do.

In the loss of a relationship, remember that your heart won’t really break.

If you are grieving, get a hug from somebody. Anybody.

If you are just feeling a little out of sorts, often a smile or a laugh can make it better.

When you don’t feel like smiling, take a nap.

Or go to the park and sit on a bench and watch the children play.

Or go to the beach and sit on the sand and watch the waves.

Or go to the mountains and bask in their majesty.

Or just take a walk around your neighborhood. Movement is good for the soul. Any movement. All movement.

And remember, as long as you wake up, get up; and as long as you can get up, keep moving. It’s forward from here.

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