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Carolyne Howard had been doing it (writing from her heart for an audience) before she joined YourHeartSays.com as a much-appreciated guest blogger.

She had written for two years or more before our creative efforts joined, so she had already stepped over the hard parts of being frozen by perfection and letting all things in her writing be enough-in-the moment before we started our work chapter together. Climbing those very tall steps of maintaining a high standard, she had already previously peeked on the other side of all possibilities and her full potential, before we decided she needed to use the YourHeartSays.com blog space for her blog space until she knew for sure she wanted her own blog space someday. I was so happy to get the opportunity to work with her, to say the least.

She had already reached the point as a writer, of not over thinking her offerings, and she had already worked on deadlines and was ok with a more flexible what makes sense deadline with me, so it was no wonder she was at the I’m ok with this workflow process enough that she could send her work in for me to review and explore the various media choices we might decide on.

Her commitment and work ethic insisted she be productive, and her passionate nature to express herself woke her up to the need to get on with it sooner than later.  I needed her to take the fun challenges of each step to get me what I needed, so I could do my part in the creation of her blog online with yourheartsays.com.  This was met with a good attitude of I’ll try, even if there was a little doubt in her voice somewhere because working with me was new to her.  Carolyne said YES to the process, and she trusted me to do my job well as much as I trusted her to do hers.

Carolyne develops each of her sequel memoirs of herself and her beloved family in a lovely flowing way on the creative side, and I take care of the digital technology of what’s needed to make it come true online in a happy way for all.  The truth is that it is not really in a lot of people’s wheelhouses to be strong writers and move over to the world of digital content creation. Today’s devices, however, do make it easier for more and more creatives to express themselves, but there are comfortable parameters within all of us, that we feel are within our immediate reach, usually based on a foundation of what we have experienced before. So when I asked Carolyne if she would be open to read and capture her blog in audio, I had reservations because Carolyne had just shot a video on her phone driving across a bridge and that was a big content step in itself. “Yes, I can try to do that”, she said. Really, I thought encouraged? “YES! Go, Carolyne!”

The co-creative part between Carolyne and my getting her blogs ready was already a good match from my side; and then when she sent me a piece of video that I saw in my imagination could be turned into a Visual Reading of her current blog On Solo With A New Ending In Sight, I got really excited from a remembering of what I had envisioned for  Yourheartsays.com at the beginning.  That memory triggered in me into a long-awaited creative moment of excitement in knowing how close we were to launching a first blog post with full media for the readers who might want to become either listeners or video watchers instead, depending on their circumstance and available time.

“OMG! Carolyne, I think I can get this clip to work as a Video Blog!  Do you think you can record the read so I’ll have your voice in the Video?” “I’ll try,” she said. YES! We are so close to having all we need to post in full media finally. “If you can do that, I’ll create the video piece.”

Now I Love to Co-Create most of the time, especially with people like Carolyne who have a passion for getting it done the best she possibly can; and she’s open to listening to what I need to move forward with the plan. More than that, because her attitude is so positive and she is teachable like we all need to be in order to have the most fun and best results, we have a great working relationship.

It’s my job to know what all the pieces look like to the blog before they go up, to keep up with them and to take care enough to place all of them so that we can have something beautiful to offer our readers. That being said, no matter how you feel about a creative partner’s being able to give you a new piece you need badly, in this case, Carolyne Howard’s writing, videoing, reading and recording her own blog.   You still never know when you ask someone who is not familiar with creating a recording good enough to use, how they might respond. I told her up front, “I just want you to try it, don’t worry if it’s not your thing, just send me the recording when you get it done.” After sharing a few tricks I had learned recording at home on my phone, I felt there was a good possibility that Carolyne could do this if she was patient and picked up on it quickly. Her voice seemed a natural for this, but because we had to have a clip all in one take, in order to be able to use it so the sound would be listenable, there was no way I could feel certain it would work.  I know from working with clients at Red Griffin Creative, that it usually takes a good bit of practice to do what I was asking her to try to do.

I took a deep breath and said, You can do it, Carolyne, if not this time, you can do it on another one. Thank you for trying, it will make my wish come true to post my first full media blog if you can, but that is going to come true someday anyway so really no pressure.

We hung up the phone and I said out loud, “She’s going to do it, but I don’t need to get my hopes up, but I feel it! She’s going to do it.”

And she got so very close the first recording, in fact, it was almost good enough. SHE’S Doing It! I said in my head, with a streak of excitement.  Calm down now girl, I thought as I started visualizing my part of the video and how it might feel when her voice was edited in and finished. We talked about it a little, a very little, and Carolyne took another try at recording it.

I received it in the email when I was on the phone. When I hung up,  I listened to it once and literally almost cried for JOY! We girls who are passionate about our Arts and Crafts get really excited about our work, we just do, if not on the outside like me, then on the inside.

“SHE DID IT!” I yelled out in my office. “THANK YOU, GOD! THANK YOU CAROLYNE!” Now I could try to see if what I thought would work, would actually work on the video.

I did my part the best I could, from the iPhone video clip and audio recording she sent me, and that’s how this little creative dream ENVISIONED, grew up to become a little creative dream REALIZED.

I learned a long time ago, that when it comes to Creativity, it really helps if you have patience and can wait for a dream to happen, but when it’s been so long that you forget what you were waiting for, there is something really sweet and satisfying that makes me appreciate it even more. It’s a small milestone for our blog efforts for certain, but it’s our small milestone, and I am savoring this moment as a door opener to more of this full media blog so that it can fit whomever the listener might be. Maybe A friend without sight listening to the audio, a family member convalescing in a hospital who can see the video on a smartphone or tablet, or one of Carolyne’s grandchildren taking it to school for show and tell and sharing the link to the class, so that they might see the video blog their Mimi did, just to name a few ways a full media blog might be important to some listeners.

Yes, YourHeartSays.com readers, listeners, viewers, Carolyne Howard said YES, then stretched outside of her comfort zone, and did a beautiful job of presenting her creative gift in Writing, Photo, Audio, Video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve have.  YES!  I watch it over and over in gratitude for this step in building this blog about Creativity.  But, seeing it through to the actual blog post, and thinking about what people might enjoy it in the different forms we posted, now that is what makes my heart say YES!

All the best to you in your own creative endeavors, shine on good people. Thank you for allowing us to share our story of creating a blog with Carolyne Howard. Please write us and let us know how you like it.

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