In The Spring – Song

In The Spring


Four leaf clovers onion grass

Butterflies that flutter past

Little birdies who bring happiness when they sing

In The Spring

Bunny Rabbits frogs and ducks

Romp amongst the buttercups

Rollie Pollies and slugs lust for red ladybugs

In The Spring

People picnic lunch getting back in touch with the ones they love

Joggers strut their stuff in their skimpy duds while they’re shaping up

Spring has sprung

Underneath the babbling brook

Little fishies make like crooks

Stealing bait from your hook every time that you look

In The Spring

All the trees are budding leaves catching up with evergreens

Buzzing bees try to please every flower they see

In The Spring

Couples bare their hearts on a bench in the park and a romance starts

There’s a definite spark by the time it gets dark

So they head for their cars

Where they gaze at the stars while they’re doing their thing

In the spring

In The Spring

In The Spring spring is sprung everybody wants some

In The Spring



Words and Music by Kenya Walker and Nick Pellegrino



Produced by:  Don Henry – ages ago, thank you for a great job, Donald.

Musicians:  Nick Pellegrino, Charlie Chadwick, Don Henry and more I will research and post asap.

Mixed at Steve Nelson’s studio by John Mills.

We had a great time and it was a magical learning experience for me.

Happy Spring Time Y’all.



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