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Have you ever been hungry for the beauty of fine art? I sometimes miss it so much I ache for it as a Fine Art lover. I went to a Museum recently with a dear and old friend to take a break, not knowing what the exhibit was, and because I did not know what I was about to see, I had a most redeeming experience when the collection offered me not 1,  but 4 original fine art paintings that had been featured in my thick art history book back in college. I remembered pouring over it and memorized that book for hours falling in and out of blissfully love with Fine Art itself, to be tested and graded on it.  Frankly,  when I was standing in front of it face to paint, I was moved by soft waves if silent tears with each one recognized.  “Hello my old friend” I would think.

My life went a different way than my school vision of being in the art world, and I guess I forgot about seeing them in person, but there I was, and there they were, each in a different room in the gallery. They were waiting for me as a gift I realized later, a gift from the Spirit of Great Art Appreciation that said, “See never give up on the Beauty of Life, it is everywhere. We came to see you, and visit for a bit, so you can see that we have lasted through challenges and centuries, and you can also, my dear”.

There was not a Klimt at the showing, but it started me thinking, “there was no Klimt, I must need to revisit Klimt”.  And so, as soon as I was able, I did.  Not the same kind of visit you get from seeing stunning original works of Art in person but I did get some good satisfaction.  First I visited him by slinging everything on Klimt on my Your Heart Says Pinterest board to look at later, as I had only a short of pocket of time. Pinterest is such a cool tool to capture images of thoughts, things you might value.

Next over the weekend I searched the web looking for movies about Klimt and found the Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds movie WOMAN IN GOLD on YouTube full version, but all of it was not in English.  I’m not sure if I am such a big fan of Gustav Klimt, because I fell in love with “The Kiss” in college while studying Art History or if it is just a because of a Fine Arts Universal fall-in-love with what moves you so much you have to take notice, Maybe it is because Gustav’s (may I call you Gustav?) story is so compelling and unlikely, that he seems fragile in several ways like a childhood friend you once cared about so very much in another life. It’s not as important to me why I feel devotion for this artist, as it is that in this day and age where just a few clicks of a mouse on the computer can take me so many places, We can search for beauty anytime.

Last but not least in my Klimt celebration for one, I remembered I could take myself to the wonderful to escape for a bit, where I romanced the beautiful body of work he left for the world to enjoy image by image.

It is a gratifying break for me to visit the images of the paintings, that have the power to stop the the world for a moment. Thank goodness for my vivid imagination, I am grateful.Klimt-Music_TU

Sometimes I  look at Art with a beautiful piece of music playing in the background, like Moonlight Sonata or Clair de Lune, also featured on the Blog, and it is even more sublime to be in my own little personal movie scene with the Art.

Well I’ve said enough. It’s your turn to discover the beauty in the work of Klimt if you would like to. Remember to check your local Art Museums to see what they have to offer first, depending on where you reside, you may be more than surprised.  You too may be moved to redeeming tears over a fine art piece that meant more to you than your realized.

This link below will take other Klimt fans to the ultimate book of his complete works.  How beautiful that must be to have and hold.

Gustav Klimt’s biography can be read here:

Thanks so much for your attention.  I’ll be interested in hearing about your moving experiences with Art.

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  • viimaurice

    Written on October 3, 2016


    hi Kenya ! it’s beautiful. the screen slides and pop ups were rough on my eyes though honestly.
    stay well, Vii

    • K Walker

      Written on October 12, 2016


      Thank you Vii for the feedback. I appreciate you for subscribing and look forward to more of your blog. Visit Vii Maurice here

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