Rock On Charlotte

I was headed out the back door of my house to cook hamburgers on the grill when I noticed a dragonfly struggling in a spider web. He had managed to break himself free excepts for two threads that dangled him. I watched him for a second and then I couldn’t help myself. I reached out and broke the two remaining threads and he flew off. I am nature too I thought to myself. The web was then so badly damaged and making a mess so I removed the whole thing. 

The next morning I looked out the back door and saw this. What a badass I thought, rock on Charlotte. Every morning a new web appears. I still haven’t seen her. Only her magnificent weavings appear each morning in the same spot right outside the back door as if she wants me to see. She has captivated me. Her work is more beautiful than art. Far beyond the musings of men. 


…dragonfly struggling in a spider web. – Photos By Jeff Gordon

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