From the moment of plane arrival into the Rome airport, the senses are shocked into visual overload. The shops of the elite magazines line the walkway paths interspersed and literally dripping with yet every food and drink option available to man with the exception of the prominent American fast food options, totally un-missed. One literally walks into completely overwhelming salivation of the physical when passing each step to the next gate. While the journey through was quite enjoyable for our little convoy, I am happy to say we escaped unscathed UNTIL the flight lounge.

Flight lounges generally offer snacks, but in Rome excess culinary joys call unto the weary travelers as mermaids to sailors in early literary scenes. Caloric delights, constantly evolving through an efficient steward’s persistent attentions, grabbed us and refused to release until Palermo, Sicily, flight departure commanded our utmost efforts. Stuffed delightfully so, we almost jogged to the next departure’s gate, only to be literally stuffed with others onto transport buses to the plane. Thanks be to God the ride was brief! And on to Palermo we went!

Except for being vertical sardines in an Italian bus, the flight to Palermo went without a hitch although exit door seats come with specific responsibilities, and the stewardess allowed Man of Mine departure but blocked me until requested to move her prego rump out of my way in order to catch him. In my mind I classified her a bully and prayed forgiveness on this Holy Thursday arrival. As stated in prior posts, sainthood “wanna be” is my deepest aspiration, but resting outside its walls is a hitch in my gittyup on a regular basis.

On to the luggage and automobile, which again went with only a slight hiccup and profound name calling by Lucia at Stephano. Alberto met us promptly with directions and instructions for the car, which loaded perfectly; and with a little confusion about exiting the parking lot, away we went to discover Sicily for twelve glorious days in perfect spring weather! “Agrigento, here we come” was in all our excited hearts! Dear readers, I can only attempt to tell this wonderful story and pray you enjoy the ride in the “car car” through the beautiful country of Sicily! Andiamo!

Blog by Carolyne Howard

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