On Solo With A New Ending In Sight

On Solo With A New Ending In Sight

 On solo trip as my car approaches the bridge over the Mississippi River in the South of Louisiana, the skies seem to broaden before my very eyes as the land, vehicles, and people shrink under its majesty. Compared to this greatness, Man is but a Lilliputian in his assumed grandeur versus God’s massive palette Above.

     I have had three hours of “ride” down to my “happy place,” without any other sounds but road noise and the occasional phone-call from my inner circle. Time to think inquietude is retreat for me and enables a new in-filling of Grace. Riding alone in a car is deeply therapeutic for this Mimi! While I love traveling with the Five, the precious grandchildren, at intervals, solo is good as well. I absorb solo like a dry, hungry sponge!

     New life edges forth here! The trees lie dormant yet, but along the ground, there are slight tellings starting to spring forth that the South of Louisiana is awakening from its short winter’s nap. Tufts of green and the faintest flicker of small yellow flowers are the first signs that the land is about to burst forth in radiance. I love the first sign of the earth’s preparation to cover again Man’s thoughtless mistake of trashing Creation!

     Rooster, the fourth grandchild who is two, likes to constantly proclaim, “Dare it is,” and I hear his sweet voice within as the River Bridge looms before me. Indeed that metal and concrete dome seem to project into the sky with only the crest revealing the flat, lush land opposing the descent. I am Home. I love this land! My genes joyfully cry within not to the Delta of the state left behind but to the one present, my adopted land of blessing and love, of faith, of friendship, of peace and contentment. My driver’s license says I live one place, but my heart declares another. Always thought I would be buried here, but I never dreamed God would allow me to live here again, even partially. (And to write of life and attempt to share it with you is another joy I cherish as well. Thank you.)

     C. S. Lewis wrote, “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” As we march forward on this road of life with new life winking from nature all around us, these words are worth pondering in our hearts that we may do well what our hearts say.

     Life is chocked full of surprises along the way. Being again in the South of Louisiana is one of mine, which has made the driver’s license Home missed and even sweeter because of Daughter and her precious three there, plus other family and dear friends. My heart tells me again that for the moment, “It’s all Good,” and I am so thankful. Please continue on this life’s journey with me through thick and thin, as God says the same. Let us pray the Best is yet to come, amen!

     A very treasured friend sent me a song entitled “Just Around the Corner” by Mary Black, which blends hope and joy in anticipation of the future. As Rooster says, “Dare it is!” The bridge rises before us all! Be happy, dear readers. Our adventure in life has just begun.

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Dedicated to My Blessing, Laurie Hickson Smith,

who first posted the C.S. Lewis quote on her social media

and who brings me closer to God always.





On Solo - Carolyne Howard

On Solo With a New Ending In Sight


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