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I’m so happy that one of my favorite Music Business Professionals has submitted his first Blog post to YourHeartSays.com.

Welcome, Jeff R. Gordon and thank you for being part of our creative community by sharing Tales of your Past and Present experiences from Music Row, Nashville, Tennessee.

Jeff has had a very interesting career and has experienced riding the highs and lows of Music Row for 32 years.  He’s been through the good, the great and the amazing along with the unbelievable, the really bad and the misfortune that sometimes comes with being part of creating tangible products from seemingly simple songs.

Jeff has worn the occupational hats of A&R Rep for MCA Records, Publisher specializing in sync licensing placement, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Indie Filmmaker, Band Leader and now he is head of his own Music Consulting company Delta Sky Music.

Even more, I’ve also known him to be a wonderful essay & short story writer who deserves to be read and heard.

It’s a pleasure to have him share and shed light on the business of music as he’s known it first hand.  He has and still does work daily in the position of creating all he needs to market great Music in various genres, so that the song products have the best chance possible of being heard and seen as Live Performances, on Radio, TV, and Movies.

Here at YourHeartSays.com  through his new Blog series TALES, we have the opportunity to live vicariously through his wisdom of more than 3 decades of making music for a living.  This will be good fun for me, as I was fortunate enough to have him as a friend, teacher, and co-creator for a good long time.

Glad to have you, Jeff, hope you have a fun time blogging with us.

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