WHEELS UP!!!!!!!!

WHEELS UP!!!!!!!!

     Forgive me for this confession because it seems braggadocio when there is so much suffering in this world, but I love to fly. My father, dubbed Big Daddy at the end of life, loved to actually pilot so to be up in the sky was a loved thrill from childhood. My excitement comes from being a passenger. For me there is something thrilling about strapping in and waiting for liftoff. It redounds in my simple heart to the thought of what the soul’s liftoff is from the body.

     Man of Mine surprised me with his acceptance of another trip abroad with dear friends Stephano and wife Lucia, this time almost two weeks in Sicily. It has been five years since we last vacationed. I was excited with his initial “yes,” but traveling for me when family matron is no easy matter. While my vocational career hasn’t earned a monthly paycheck over the years, the job itself is quite demanding as child of God, wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, friend, confidante, bill payer, homemaker, etc. To travel for this girl means getting a lot of ducks in their rows! However, through the years I have learned experientially and travel we have done again! (I must admit that Cinderella’s getting ready for the ball comes to mind when carving out for self; but God is Good and this girl has now gone to the ball with the Prince AND during Holy Week as well!)

     Man of Mine has great travel anxiety! He checks and re-checks everything, even underwear, until he can check no more. Sometimes I feel such shame in wanting a treat such as this, but that passes quickly. He is so very content in the sweet routine of home!  However, he did this for me, as is true with all non-business travels; and I am forever grateful to have seen other parts of the world by his sacrifice!

     That being said, we always arrive at the airport at least three hours prior to departure for his peace of mind. Because I set the security alarm off with metal joint seconds and have been detained up to an hour by competent security, this early arrival action is probably best for anxiety’s sake. However, this flight we were promptly cleared by extraordinarily nice security and were treated with excess wait time in anticipation of Stephano and Lucia’s arrival to join us. That, too, can bring angst as Lucia is the tardiest person I have ever known in my life. We have, through the years, learned great patience through her! How she made it through law school and has dealt with clients promptly through the years is a mystery to me based upon our social life together. I suppose her beauty, intelligence, and quick charm have covered over a multitude of sins! Yet arrive they did, later confessing international security traveling privileges, and our journey to the Isle of Sicily began!

     Greeted by the airline’s finest staff with comfy layover in Atlanta, our getaway adventure to new territories began without a hitch. Stephano is our supreme travel administrator and tirelessly plans to the utmost each detail of our journeys together. Acting as both planner AND driver with Lucia’s perfect navigations, we knew we were in for yet another marvelous journey and memory-making adventure. All Man of Mine need do is pay our share and enjoy. We admit to being spoiled by our friends and try to compensate along the way.

     And above the earth after settling in for a long spring’s flight, yet in the world of technology still, a movie was revisited, “Same Kind of Different, “ made in the state of my driver’s license. There in the skies seeing it on small screen, I was even more impressed and was a swollen mess facially from tears joyfully shed there from the “fabulosity” of this film. What a difference one heart can make! True story, by the way, as is this blog, to be continued as God says the same. Ciao!


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  • Ann

    Written on May 28, 2018


    I can’t wait to read further–we all have these mixed feelings and feel so much better once we are airborne. Love it!

    • K Walker

      Written on July 10, 2018


      Thank you so much for reading and caring enough to let us know. All the best, K

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